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Automatic sequential thermal shower

The Roman baths had a section for hot baths and other treatments designed for cold ones. These areas were called "frigidarius".
In modern installations this process is repeated, projecting a sector destined for steam baths and saunas and another for water zones: normal or bi-thermal showers, cold water pools, etc.

Models available or additions

Product characteristics
Automatic sequential thermal shower Automatic sequential thermal shower
  • Thermal shower with sprinkler and ninety-five diffusers.
  • Three cycles of combined massages. The shower allows for the incorporation of essential oils.
Vichy shower automatic and manual bithermal VICHY SHOWER AUTOMATIC and manual bithermal
  • The equipment consists of solenoid valves, control and reclining horizontal bar with five sprinklers.
  • The sequences of hot and cold water can be scheduled as well as the number of times that the cycles can be repeated.
Bucket shower with cold water or bithermal BUCKET SHOWER with cold water or bithermal
  • Dimensions: 30 x 27 cm. for assembly on the ceiling or wall.
  • Made of larch wood. Wood treated internally and externally with waterproof varnish
  • All fittings made of stainless steel. Chain bucket included to facilitate water overflow of 70 inch
  • Capacity: adjustable from 4.5 to 7.5 l.
Bithermal Scottish shower BITHERMAL SCOTTISH shower
  • Electronic shower equipped with an automatic control.
  • It consists of eighteen + one sprinklers for assembly on the ceiling or wall. ninety-five spray nozzles.
  • Four cycles of bithermal massages. The shower allows for the incorporation of essential oils.
Water mist shower system WATER MIST SHOWER SYSTEM
  • Provided with an automatic control box with two buttons: anti-moisture for cold or hot water and with six water sprayers of 2.5 liters / minute.
  • It has to be used with water below 10 °.
  • It allows the incorporation of essential oils only in the cold water cycle in order to not lose their properties.
Oversized rain shower sequential bithermal OVERSIZED RAIN SHOWER sequential bithermal
  • Electronic equipment provided with an automatic
  • One sprayer located overhead with 520 nozzles. three cycles of bithermal massage.
  • The shower allows for the incorporation of essential oils.