Standard Indoor Saunas

Saunas Durán Manufacturer established in 1960

Standard Indoor Saunas

Finnish sauna

Our 14 standard models are manufactured in wood Swedish Spruce and Canadian Hemlock. All saunas are supplied fully equipped with accessories and electrical equipment adapted to their volume.

Indoor sauna with fully covered benches
Indoor sauna in Canadian Hemlock
Finnish sauna nº. 2 in Swedish spruce
Finnish sauna nº. 12 in Swedish spruce
Finnish sauna nº. 8 in Canadian Hemlock
Finnish sauna in Canadian Hemlock with back support and without fully covered benches
Sauna Model nº. 2 with glass door
Finnish sauna nº. 5 in Swedish spruce with two glass front panels
Indoor sauna in Swedish spruce with standard door

Models available or additions

Sauna measurements Capacity Power Kw
Model nº2 142x142 2-3 3
Model nº3 180x180 2-3 4,5
Model nº4 205x120 3-4 4,5
Model nº5 205x142 3-4 4,5
Model nº6 205x165 4-5 6
Model nº8 205x205 4-5 6
Model nº9 234x205 5-6 6
Model nº7 205x180 4-5 6
Model nº10 250x250 5-7 8
Model nº11 277x205 8-9 8
Model nº12 305x205 10-11 9
Model nº13 400x205 12-14 12
Model nº14 400x250 14-16 12
Model nº1 120x120 1-2 3